Thank you for accessing Secure Ballot.

This site does not collect any personal information about you when you visit this site.

Secure Ballot is using the information provided by its customers - that is the electoral roll - for running the ballot delivery process. There is not any additional personal information gathered, requested, or managed by this website.

There is not any tracking of the user activities; only ballot related tracking information is managed at this site.

No voter selections are recorded by or stored within the Secure Ballot system.


This site does not store personal information in cookies; cookies are used only to manage user sessions. The sole purpose of the session cookies is to allow the user authentication process across the different pages from this website, in a transparent manner for the user. Scytl does not retain any information collected by these session cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted at the end of a session, that is, when you close your browser.

Scytl do not use persistent cookies or any other persistent tracking technology.

No electronic voting taking place and no ballots are transmitted electronically.


The information of this site is stored at servers hosted in a datacenter located at the United States. The location of this datacenter may change but always within the United States.


Scytl provides elections systems with the highest levels of security, voter privacy, voter verifiability, election integrity, system availability, and access control.

Secure Ballot is fully compliance with the document NISTIR 7711 Security Best Practices. See:

Secure Ballot platform requires the voter and election official’s web browsers to access the application using an HTTPS connection. This is done seamlessly for the user and establishes an encrypted channel using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for the transmission of all data. The use of HTTPS also allows for the Secure Ballot domain to be authenticated to the user such that the voter and official can be sure of the site’s legitimacy.

Access control information such as passwords and privileges are stored cryptographically protected from disclosure to unauthorized entities.

Scytl secures each of its applications through the use of a physically secure data center, complete redundancy of critical resources, and the application of cryptography at multiple levels that ensure authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.

The Secure Ballot application is hosted in a secure Tier III datacenter behind a layer of redundant firewalls and where it is under 24/7 physical and application monitoring to ensure the security and health of the system around the clock.

Furthermore, Secure Ballot runs on hardened operating systems updated with the latest security patches. At the application level, each connection over the Internet is required to utilize the HTTPS protocol to establish a separate authentic and encrypted communication channel with each user. This also allows the voter’s web browser to verify the authenticity of the Scytl web domain.


We will update this privacy policy as soon as any of the terms expressed in this policy changes. If in some moment we decide to implement important changes affecting the privacy policy, we will update this policy and we will clearly describe the changes at the beginning of the policy.


For further information about our privacy policy or security mechanisms, do not hesitate to write an e-mail message for the attention of the Privacy officer to the e-mail address, or write a letter to Scytl offices at 5426 Bay Center Drive, Suite 525 | Tampa, FL 33609 | USA.

We will respond to your request within the shortest time period.

Privacy policy updated on July 2013.